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Although they do their best to replicate the experience of land-based casinos, things are more than a little bit different when you play for cash in an online casino.

Canadians might choose to play on the web for all sorts of reasons, whether that be because their local venue doesn't offer their favourite games or that their "local" venue is actually several hours drive away.

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As well as being able to use your Interac debit card – just as you can a Maestro card or various other debit cards – where it's accepted, Canadian online gamblers can also take advantage of Interac's pioneering e-Transfer service.

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How Interac Works

If you've ever made a payment using online banking, you should be pretty familiar with the principles of paying via e-Transfer. It may be that you've even used an Interac e-Transfer to pay for something in the past, in which case all of this will be old news to you!

"Canada Interac users will be excited to hear that they can use their
favourite payment method on lots of gambling sites."

The main difference between using e-Transfer and online banking to make a payment is that, in the case of the former, the company acts as a bridge between your bank and an online casino. Canada Interac users are lucky to have such a useful service available, but we'll get into the reasons why that’s true below.

As long as the gambling site you're playing with is an Interac online casino (Canada-based players will need to be accepted too, of course) then all you need to do to make a payment using e-Transfer is select the option to make a payment using Interac in the Cashier area, enter a few details and choose how much money you want to send. And that's it!

There is a fee associated with using e-Transfer, but it's rarely more than a couple of CAD, so it's not like the cost is prohibitively high. The advantages of using Interac for online gambling are, in the eyes of many Canadian players, worth paying this fee.

Why Use Interac

The primary advantage of using Interac and paying via e-Transfer is that it means you no longer have to risk sending your credit card or banking information to gambling sites. The vast majority of online gambling venues are totally trustworthy – the very high cost of setting up an online casino means that few fraudsters even bother trying to do so – but it's still good to know that you're protected just in case you end up playing with a dishonest or fraudulent casino.

In this scenario, you can only lose as much money as you've sent the site in question and you can rest easy knowing that the scammers don't have access to your bank details or credit card info.

Interac may use bank-grade security when sending payments via e-Transfer, but that certainly doesn't mean that the service is slower than other payment methods. In fact, it's just as quick as other digital payment services like Skrill or Neteller and is much faster than offline payment methods like wire transfers or checks.

Because Interac is only available to Canucks, it's pretty much a sure thing that any site that accepts e-Transfer payments will not only accept Canadian players but probably support the use of CAD and offer dedicated support via telephone to those in Canada too. For an Interac online casino, Canada is usually never far from the minds of those running the site.

Find an Interac Online Casino in Canada

There's no doubt that the online casino, Canada, Interac and e-Transfer go together perfectly. The only trouble is that because Interac can only be used by a very small percentage of players – there may be lots of gamblers in Canada, but there are many more elsewhere in the world – online gambling sites don't tend to heavily promote the fact that they accept Interac.

But don't worry! If you don't feel like spending hours finding out whether or not the best casino sites around will allow you to make a deposit or withdrawal using e-Transfer then you can simply consult our list of Interac casino sites below.

All of these sites offer a great range of games, a hefty welcome bonus, are happy to play host to Canadian players and, of course, accept Interac. All you need to do is make your first online casino Canada Interac payment, and you're ready to hit the tables or start spinning at the slots.