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Online Casino Live Dealer Baccarat: Canada's Gambling Guide

Can you imagine James Bond playing at an online casino? Would anyone read a book or watch a film of the world's most suave spy sitting on his sofa playing baccarat or roulette on his laptop? Not likely. Now you don’t have to settle for lame electronic versions of your favourite baccarat games either. We’ve found the best online casino live dealer baccarat tables. Take advantage of our efforts and enjoy baccarat at a Canadian online casino now.

Aim high when you’re looking for an authentic baccarat experience. You can enjoy authentic casino action by choosing online casino live dealer baccarat. We found the best internet casino real dealer baccarat games for Canadian online gaming fans.

Top Live Dealer Baccarat in Canada

A Better Casino Online

Live dealer baccarat works pretty much like you would expect. When you take your seat at a live baccarat table you won't be dealt computer generated cards that are based on an algorithm. Instead you'll get cards from a real human dealer broadcast live to your computer. It's completely interactive just like at your favourite casino on the Las Vegas strip, only you’ll be in your man cave or anywhere else in Canada.

Getting Started

To start playing online casino live dealer baccarat, just choose any of the top rated casinos that proudly cater to Canadian players. After setting up an account, which won't even take you four minutes, including downloading the software, visit any of the live dealer baccarat tables in the lobby. Choose your stakes and whichever dealer you like. Since you are playing with real live dealers broadcast from a secure location, you'll notice that the dealer selection varies. These are real people with lives who work manageable shifts at a Canadian online casino, not robots.

Canadian Online Casino Compatibility

Online casino live dealer baccarat games work on any modern PC and most Macs. You may be required to download free software, although many sites now let you play right in your browser. That means no installing or downloading anything for maximum convenience at online casinos.

If you've become accustomed to life on the go then you'll be pleased to learn that live dealer games are now available on mobile devices. Bring your iPhone, Android smartphone, iPad, or tablet and you can play live dealer baccarat wherever life takes you. Squeeze in a hand here or there. It's worth noting that not every site supports this mobile option, but most casinos are making a big push to get into the mobile space. So why not try a live dealer Canadian casino today?

Web Enabled Casino: Live Dealer Baccarat

It goes without saying that you'll need an internet connection to get in the game. Most high-speed connections are sufficient unless you are in a remote location or put your faith in a low budget mobile carrier. Always test your connection before placing big bets for the first time at a Canadian online casino.

The Value Of Privacy

If you're worried about sacrificing your privacy to play live dealer baccarat casino games, you'll be pleased to learn that the video only travels one way. You’ll see the dealer live through video, but nobody will see you. You don't even need a webcam or a microphone. If you feel like chatting with the dealer, many sites have an optional live chat function for an added element of personality.

Greater Legitimacy At The Casino: Live Dealer Baccarat

Don't put your faith in a computer algorithm. While most sites are legitimate, there is still an element of trust when playing cards being dealt through random number generation. Wouldn't you prefer a real deck of cards shuffled before your eyes? You don’t have to settle ever again when you play at the right site. It’s hard not to choose online casino live dealer baccarat. Canada has dozens of places to play online and we’ll direct you to the best one.

Don't you want an authentic experience? That's precisely what you'll get when you choose a superior game of baccarat. Take a test drive by visiting a gambling site with online casino live dealer baccarat. Canada’s best online casinos offer it at a variety of stakes.

Live Dealer Baccarat Casino Advantages

You’ll enjoy these benefits:

  • Authentic casino experience that rivals traditional casinos.
  • The option to choose from real dealers who are human with real cards.
  • Real cards, so you don’t need to put your faith in random number generation.
  • Less pressure and commitment than at a brick and mortar casino.
  • Ability to play anywhere on mobile in Canada for real money.
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