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Remember those 1980s television shows that proudly announced they were filmed in front of a live studio audience? That hardly seems like an innovation in today's entertainment world, yet you can't discount the inherent human touch. Suddenly viewers no longer had to settle for a soundtrack of canned laughter. A little genuine emotion is timeless, and that's even more true today. Just try playing at an online casino that features live dealer hold em instead of the uninspired computer generated version.

When you play hold em at an online casino with a live dealer, it works exactly like the random number generated version that took the online world by storm over the last decade. The main difference, and it's a monumental one, is that a live human deals you real cards. The magic is totally interactive and broadcast in real time. Words simply don't do this advancement justice. Try it right now for free at these top rated Canadian online casino sites.

Top Live Dealer Hold'em in Canada

The Best Casino Online Gambling Experience

Online casino live dealer hold em is the future but there's no need to wait. Just open up a free account at one of the top rated Canadian Internet casino sites on this page. Simply download the software or choose to play in your browser and log in. From the lobby find the live dealer area and find a table.

You'll be able to pick from dozens of dealers, just like at your favourite casino in Las Vegas, Montreal, Halifax, or Niagara Falls. Use whatever criteria you want to pick your dealer from an online casino. It's completely in your hands. You might find a female dealer who is particularly inviting and responsive, or reminds you of that girl who lived across the hall in university. It's all about having a choice and playing for real money.

Security And Privacy Is The Name Of The Game

When you play live dealer casino hold em at a Canadian online casino, your cards will be broadcast across the web from a secure location via webcam. Every subtle movement and dealer response is relayed to your computer or mobile device. Although live chat is available on some sites, the dealer can't see you. Talk about not having to compromise your privacy!

Better Casino Online Dealers

If you've ever played Texas hold em online, then you know the dealer's presence is lacking. First of all, there's rarely even a graphical representation of the dealer. The cards seem to appear out of the air, and yet that's not the biggest issue. You never receive real cards. They aren't just computer generated, but they are based completely on a computer program by the casino. Live dealer casino hold em doesn't bother faking it.

Given all the past online poker scandals, isn't it better to aim for authenticity no matter where you play? Sure, at the best-licensed and regulated online casinos trust isn't really an issue. However, it never hurts to raise the bar, especially when it comes with far superior gameplay. That's the beauty of live dealer casino hold em. Don't you want the human touch that comes with online casino live deal casino hold em? Canada’s finest gaming sites are proud to offer it.

Online Gaming Compatibility

Live dealer hold em works best on a Mac and PC, although the specific requirements vary based on the casino you choose. In late 2014 we noticed more casinos supporting live dealer games on iPhones, iPads, and Android phones and tablets. You can expect even more options at a casino online throughout 2024.

A fast and stable internet connection is even more important when enjoying live dealer games at your favourite casino online. You'll need to make sure there are no outages during the game and it's absolutely essential that your provider can support streaming with no throttling.

Let The Internet Gaming Begin

There's no sense rambling on about technical requirements when you can easily log on to the best Canadian online casinos and play for free. There's nothing like hands on experience. Since the video is only one way, you don’t even need a web cam.

Always select a site that offers online casino live dealer casino hold em. Canada is a leader in web technologies and our citizens no longer have to settle at the tables.

Live Dealer Casino Hold Em Advantages

You can enjoy these avantages:

  • Access a professional live dealer for free or with cash.
  • More exciting and responsive Canadian online casino experience.
  • Trustworthy, thanks to real cards.
  • Choice of dealer who you can identify by face and name.
  • The closest you can get to genuine casino action in your home.
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