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Playing With Visa: A Canadian Online Casino Guide

If you're like most Canadians, you cling to your credit cards. Last year Canadians spent over $350 billion using plastic. If that sounds like a lot, imagine how many trips to the ATM that saved. If you add them up, it's more kilometres than if you walked from Vancouver to Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Newfoundland and back, with a detour through Toronto. Convenience makes credit cards popular. That's true whether you buy a pop at your corner store or play at an Internet casino that Visa Canada authorizes.

Visa is Canada's most commonly used credit card. That explains why Visa is probably the best way to play at an online casino. If you've got a Visa in your wallet, you've come to the right place. We've found the best real money online casinos for Canadians that gladly welcome Visa. Read our expert reviews and get in on the fun at a top online casino supported by Visa Canada.

Top Visa Casinos in Canada

How it works

If you’re looking for convenience at your online casino, Visa Canada is the answer. It's absolutely simple. After checking out our recommendations and finding a Visa casino that's right for you, register a casino account before visiting the cashier.

Simply select Visa as your deposit method. You'll be asked to enter your card number, name, expiry date, and the 3-digit code next to the signature panel on the back of your card. If you've ever bought anything online, casino Visa funding works in a similar fashion.

Deposits And Withdrawals

When you are ready to withdrawal your winnings from an online casino, Visa Canada makes it simple. While withdrawing your winnings back to your Visa credit card isn't supported on all sites displaying the Visa logo, many of our recommended top sites do let Canadians use Visa for payouts.

Online Casino Visa Advantages

Enjoy these benefits when you use your Visa card:

Highly safe and secure.
Backed by Visa's zero liability policy.
Enjoy a grace period.
Fast and convenient with deposits applied instantly.
No need to set up and account or apply for new services.
Many Visa casinos support deposit and withdrawal.
Earn frequent flier miles and other credit rewards.

Online Casino Visa Disadvantages

Watch out for these:

Some casino internet sites charge fees for using Visa.
Some Canadian banks block cards from being used at online casinos.
Visa casino deposits are subject to the limit of your credit card.
Some cards treat online gaming as a cash advance and charge fees.

Casino Online Visa Fees

Fees for using your Visa card vary. Most Visa casino sites let you deposit for free or compensate you the first time, just to give you a taste. Some Visa gambling sites do charge fees but they are clearly posted in the cashier and prominently displayed when you deposit.

Some credit card issuers may treat Canadian online casino deposits as a cash advance, which can be subject to fees and interest. In either of these scenarios you'll find that the convenience is worth the cost. You can also claim internet casino Visa bonuses that vastly exceed any fees you might pay.

Canadian online casino withdrawals, where available, are occasionally subject to small fees. Your credit card issuer treats this money like payments to your account. Please note that you can only take advantage of Visa withdrawals if you've used Visa as a deposit method in the first place.

Move Into The Fast Lane

Using Visa to play Canadian online casino games is like driving a car on the German autobahn. There's no speed limit to slow you down. When you make a real money deposit, you can expect to start using your funds within seconds. This is assuming, of course, you have room on your card and your transaction is approved.

If your selected site allows Canadians to withdrawl using their Visa, you'll find the process is quick. Once your transaction is approved by the cashier, you'll see the cash on your statement within a few business days.

Remember though, your first withdrawal may be slower than the others, as most sites have security checks in place to protect your account and prevent unauthorized withdrawals.

Canadian Online Casino Security

When enjoying action at an online casino, Visa offers you peace of mind. You can rely on Visa's zero liability policy to protect you against unauthorized transaction on your account. If playing at an online casino, Visa is probably one of the safest payment options. Visa processors use advanced encryption algorithms to protect your data and personal information.

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