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Canadian Dollar And Canadian Online Casino Guide

As a Canadian, you know all dollars are not equal. Just pick up a book or magazine and see the two different prices taunting you. Sadly the price in Canada is always higher, which is bad news if you’re not in the magazine business. If you've ever crossed the border to fill up your gas tank and your belly, you know all too well that a bargain isn't as great once you factor in the exchange rate and conversion fees. Whether you are travelling, shopping, or playing online casinos, your budget can go a lot further across the border. So why not minimize the financial pain and use Canadian Dollars? Check out these top rated Canadian online casinos. All you have to do is look for sites that accept Canadian dollars (CAD). Those loonies are calling your name. You can even claim your deposit bonuses in Canadian Dollars for cash.

Top CAD Casinos in Canada

Online Casino CAD Dilemma

Have you ever gone to the bank to buy US dollars before your vacation? Chances are, you checked online for the latest CAD exchange rate before heading to your branch. When you get there, you're often in for an expensive surprise. That stack of cash costs you much more than you were quoted online. Exchange rates are volatile but that's not why you usually end up paying more. It's because the bank is in business to make money. They artificially inflate the exchange rate when they sell you foreign currency and sometimes charge service charges on top of that. You can avoid similar pitfalls at internet gambling sites when you choose a CAD online casino.

Sticking With The Canadian Dollar

The goal is always to stick to loonies wherever possible. We've found lot of great sites that offer game denominated in Canadian funds. That means you can deposit, play, win, and claim your prize all in the same currency. It keeps things simple and familiar but the real benefit is avoiding exchange fees.

Avoiding Unnecessary Fees

If you've ever sold any left over American funds after your trip, you might be shocked to find that the US dollar collapsed in your absence. What's really happened is that the bank works its highly profitable magic in the other direction. They buy US money for much less than it's worth and then sell it back to another customer. Who is gambling now?

Banks don't just pull this nonsense at your local branch, these schemes also apply to credit cards and electronic payments on the internet. If you aren't careful, you could pay the price when enjoying online casino games. The easiest solution is to just play in Canadian dollars at an online casino. CAD internet gambling sites aren't hard to find. We’ll show you.

Online Casino: CAD Canada Currency Guide

If you decide to play at a casino with games offered only in US funds, euros, or pounds sterling, you'll want to make sure that you can deposit and withdraw your money using banking methods designed for Canadians. Most leading electronic wallets support multiple currencies, so you'll always know what you're paying at your Canadian online casino. Regardless, aim to choose a loonie-friendly online casino, CAD poker room, or Canadian dollar internet gambling site.

The fact is, converting currency costs money. You can easily lose 3% when you deposit and another 3% when you withdrawal. That's on top of other fees you might pay to the casino or a third party payment processor. These fees can add up fast and may even discourage you from playing at a non-Canadian online casino. When enjoying games, CAD options are always preferred.

Maximizing Your Potential

While you might get laughed at trying to use a Canadian twenty in the heart of Texas, you can definitely aim to get the best possible rate before you go. The same is true if you use Canadian deposit methods. You'll simply get better value, even when it's not possible to play directly in Canadian funds on gaming sites.

When playing at an online casino, it shouldn’t be hard to find sites that accept CAD. Aside from avoiding needless exchange fees, there's a psychological advantage to knowing that a dollar in the slot is the same as a dollar in your pocket. It's not $1.10, $1.23, or $0.97. Who has time for all these calculations when you could be enjoying games at a Canadian online casino? When you play, Canadian Dollars or loonies are what you’re after. You might as well cut out the middleman with our online casino Canadian currency system.

Online Casino: Canadian Dollar Advantages

Nobody wants to get ripped off. When it's casino action you're after, going global can give you the most options, but at what cost? We've found the best online casinos for Canadians. That's genuine online casino CAD action. Start taking advantage of the almost unprecedented game selection, huge real-money bonuses, and the chance to play using loonies right now.

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