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Canadian Online Casino Bonus Guide

Is there free money in your future? Ditch that vintage magic eight ball, skip the trip to the psychic, and just go with yes. When you claim today's lucrative casino bonuses you can grab free money. There are loads of loonies just ripe for the picking, if you know where to look. We don't just say harvest away. We'll actually guide you to where the action and cash are in full bloom. Just read our bonus guide and learn how to give yourself the advantage you deserve.

Bonuses come in every size imaginable and at every stage of the game. Maximize your benefits by playing at the best sites. We've found the best casinos with the biggest bonus for Canadians. Check them out and claim more free cash more often.

Believe The Hype

No matter how great a product happens to be on its own, businesses can't get attention without building a buzz. You can't be in the mind of the public if they haven't heard of you. That's the reason why advertising is a multi-billion dollar industry in Canada alone.

Rather than spend cash on massive billboards on the side of the Trans Canada Highway or securing the naming rights to a hockey arena, online casinos prefer to spend their marketing and advertising budgets more directly. It doesn't get more direct than paying your customers. Guess who the main beneficiary is? That would be you, at least if you follow our bonus guides.

Sign Up Bonuses

The first bonus you'll want to claim is just for signing up. The best casinos, or at least the most rewarding ones, really want to get you into their lobby and seated at the tables. Whether you've heard of them or not, there's literally no catch since you don't even need to make a deposit. These casinos are so confident that you'll like what you see, they're willing to give you cash to prove it.

Deposit Bonuses

Deposit bonuses come in two main flavours. The most common variety is the initial deposit bonus. Almost every site will gladly top up your first deposit to get you playing for real money. As you might be aware, most sites also let you experience games for free. What’s in it for the casino you ask? Well giving players free cash is a great way to get people to try their hands at more meaningful games. Whether you already planned on playing for real money, make sure you always get a deposit bonus.

Reload Bonuses

When you run out of money in your account, either because you withdrew it all weeks ago or had a bad roulette run, you'll eventually want to make another deposit. The best time to deposit cash is when the casino literally begs you to do it. Don't deposit out of the goodness of your heart. Wait for a reload bonus offer. Sites regularly send out codes that will give you free cash for a limited time when you deposit. Stretch your bankroll by 50%, 100%, or even more.

Mega Rewards

Don't forget that cash bonuses are only the beginning. With available rewards programs you can rack up points. Play enough to get amazing gear, free play, and merchandise like iPhones, iPads, 4K TVs, and even tropical vacations. VIP programs vary by site but they are usually free.

Strings Attached

You shouldn't get frustrated when there are strings attached. Instead grab a pair of scissors and free yourself from the shackles of annoyance. Sometimes you are restricted to using a bonus code a single time. You can remedy this by playing on a few different sites to rack up multiple bonuses. It will also give you the flexibility of only depositing when there are bonuses available. It's all about turning the tables and building your bankroll.

You may also need to play a certain number of games or wait a set amount of time before withdrawing any cash that you've accumulated using your free money. These are usually reasonable and most sites give you the tools to track your progress. Just be aware before heading to the cashier to avoid disappointment.

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