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Internet Security For Canadians

Internet security has been in the headlines lately and the news isn't always heart warming. Does the heart bleed virus sound familiar? In 2022 the Canada Revenue Agency actually extended the income tax filing deadline after hackers compromised government servers. If a tech savvy federal agency can be compromised, how can the average computer user stay protected?

Whether you bank online, enjoy gaming, or rely on online shopping, staying safe doesn't have to be hard. It's easy to fend off most threats with a healthy dose of common sense. From dealing exclusively with reputable sites and taking advantage of security software to making sure your system is up to date, security is in your hands.

Top Secure Casinos in Canada

Rely On Reputations

Trust can go along way, even if it has to be earned. That doesn't mean that you need to play exclusively on sites that are already familiar. Just listen to the experts, read the reviews, browse the forums, and look at the credentials. All the best sites take your privacy and security seriously.

Similar to leading financial sites and online stores, the best gaming sites use advanced encryption and security methods to keep your data safe. Look for sites that begin with https, have SSL, or TLS certificates. When visiting a secure area of a site, including any place where you provide personal or financial info, you can watch for a tiny lock displayed beside the web address.

Take Advantage Of Built-In Protection

Computer viruses and spyware can wreak havoc on your computer, but there's no sense living in fear. Just like a flu shot for your body, you can protect your PC. The first level of protection begins on your chosen site. Many websites, including casinos and poker rooms, have built-in protection against viruses and spyware. Just look for the seal from Symantec or Norton. Don't be afraid to read the security policy and ask questions.

Stay Safer

If using a Mac, iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, you can count on Apple's locked down operating systems to keep you out of harm's way. Although these devices tend to be less customizable than their Windows and Android counterparts, their rigid design makes them inherently safer. That means you don't generally need to rely on virus protection software and supplemental security software to keep you safe.

Windows and Android players will want to get their hands on free or affordable security software. You might already have security programs installed, as it does come with some systems. If you don't, take advantage of Norton, Kaspersky, or other popular offerings for your device. Security software will constantly scan for threats, viruses, and malware.

Stay Up To Date

Hackers and other nefarious characters across the globe constantly look for holes in computer software and hardware. That's why it's absolutely essential that you keep your system and all software updated. Whenever holes are discovered, developers patch them up.

If you have a PC running Windows, always install the latest system updates. The folks at Microsoft work around the clock to plug holes in the Windows operating system. It's absolutely essential that you let Windows install all the authorized updates it desires. Sketchy hackers around the world are constantly looking for ways to gain access to computers. If your system is even a few weeks behind then you could be at risk. The good news is that these updates are free. It's simply a matter of making sure you authorize them, which will happen automatically with the right settings.

Notes about Mac and Android

Apple is insanely quick in rolling out updates for their devices. The key is to make sure you install them when prompted. That's true whether using an iMac, Macbook, or iOS device.

There are dozens of different versions of the Android operating system, including many that will no longer be updated. When installing apps, always restrict the permissions you give your app. This applies to all software, not just games. Your security software is designed to police this, even if it isn't flawless.

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