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Legal Canadian Online Casino And Gaming Guide

Canadians love to gamble. From $1 scratch tickets to 6/49 and Lotto Max jackpots that regularly reach the stratosphere, gambling is the talk of every city and town. Look around and you'll see everyone from students to investment bankers dreaming of riches. Thanks to casinos in all provinces, except PEI, Newfoundland and Labrador, and New Brunswick, Canadians have no shortage of places to play. The truth is, going to a traditional casino isn't always convenient, which is why so many people wonder if online casinos are legal in Canada. If you plan on depositing cash at an online casino, legal concerns are natural. Luckily we've found the best legit casinos that welcome Canadian players. Check out these top real money legal sites that fly the red and white!

Top Legal Casinos in Canada

Is Playing At An Online Casino Legal?

At an online casino, legal matters shouldn’t get in the way of your fun. If popularity and legality go hand in hand, then online casinos in Canada are legal at their best and live in a grey area at their worst. Generally, it's difficult to open your own online casino in Canada, but there are plenty of legal and licensed casinos around the world that welcome Canadians. Some provinces now run their own online casinos and poker rooms, but our expert reviews found the game selection and payouts of those sites can’t compare with the competition.

Enjoying Your Online Casino: Legal Canada's Position

When visiting an online casino, legal questions are common. Everyone wants to know: is playing at an online casino legal?  Canada’s perspective might seem conflicted when it comes to gambling. There are dozens of countries around the world that are far more liberal about online casinos.

It isn't just a matter of opinion, many countries formally license and audit their online casinos so that players can feel sure the games are fair with prompt payouts. Some of these countries are Canada's biggest trading partners and their casinos legally welcome Canadian dollars. Legal jurisdiction on the internet is a question that might cause even the most skilled lawyers to hesitate. But feel free to consult with legal counsel before playing.

Online Casino: Legal Canada And Taxes

Unlike your stateside counterparts, gambling winnings aren't generally taxed in Canada. That's true if you win a lottery jackpot worth $50 million or $5 at a slot machine in Niagara Falls. Naturally, there are exceptions to this rule, which should interest Canadian online casino players. If gambling is your career and prime income source then the consensus says the Canada Revenue Agency will want its piece of the pie. It's best to keep things legit at a legal casino.

You can be sure that those major Canadian players on the World Series of Poker scene fall into the latter category. It's always a good idea to check with an accountant or tax consultant in your province for the exact rules. This is especially true given the situation in the USA and the fact that laws constantly change.

More Discreet Options

When trying to enjoy a game at an online casino, legal issues don’t have to be a barrier. If you're worried about covering your tracks, there are plenty of steps you can take. Even though most online casinos will appear on your credit card or bank account under a discreet name, you can add an additional layer of protection. Take advantage of the digital wallets available for Canadians and you'll have an intermediary between you and the casino. You can also fund your account using vouchers like Ukash, which you can buy at a gas station or post office throughout Canada. Most Canadian online casino sites support this method.

Online Casino: Legal Canada Sites And Free Games

If you love blackjacks and slots, and are sceptical about the legality of a casino online, why not play for free? Most Canadian online casino sites support some form of free play. Every game imaginable is available and you don't need to spend a cent. It's totally possible to win real money and prizes. All you really need is internet access and a desire to have fun.

There's no sense making things more complicated than they need to be, especially when fun is the name of the game at Canadian online casinos. If you have concerns about an online casino, avoid the legal worries and just stick with licensed sites.

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