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Online Casino Live Dealer Blackjack: Canada's Gambling Guide

If you're a gamer or have watched YouTube clips of classic video games, you know just how much things have evolved. Retro Nintendo and Sega Genesis games seem older than the bible. It's really amazing until you realize that today's online casino games haven't kept up. If you're looking for an immersive experience, your options have been lacking until now. With the rise of online casino live dealer blackjack, the game has finally arrived in the 21st century.

Now you can replace those boring computer generated blackjack games with real cards handled by real humans. How does this happen online? With streaming interactive video of all the action at online casino live dealer blackjack tables! If you've been searching for a more responsive and Canadian online casino experience, read our reviews. We've found the best live dealer blackjack games for Canadians.

Top Live Dealer Blackjack in Canada

Getting Started

Online casino live dealer blackjack is easy to wrap your head around and it's even easier to play. Simply select a casino that offers live games and create an account. With our reviews, you can find a great site and be playing for real money in just two minutes.

Choosing A Game

Once your internet gaming account is set up, just visit the lobby and select live dealer blackjack. You'll be presented with a choice of stakes, but more importantly a choice of dealers. Each dealer is a live human who will deal you actual cards in real time. Take your pick of experienced dealers. There's literally something for every taste. Once you are in the game, you'll be playing live blackjack in real time with every move filmed in a special live casino and beamed onto your computer screen. It's all monitored by pit bosses and you can even chat with the dealers. Try finding a more interactive gambling experience online or anywhere.

Limited Pitfalls

If casino live dealer blackjack has a downside, it's that you'll never be willing to play lame computer generated card games again. With a choice of amazing Canadian online casino sites that proudly offer live dealer games, you won't have to settle. Your first choice should be online casino live dealer blackjack. Canada has lots of live casinos, but how many of them are near you?

Casino Online System Requirements

Internet casino live dealer blackjack is compatible with your Mac or PC. Canadian online casino sites are also starting to support mobile devices, but not all can handle live dealer games on an Android phone, iPad, iPhone, or tablet. Live dealer games are compatible with most computers built in the last few years. If you can play video games or watch videos, you should be ready to play. You don't even need a webcam to take your seat at a Canadian online casino or win big.

The most essential piece of the compatibility puzzle is a fast and stable internet connection. You'll need enough bandwidth to handle streaming video without drops or delays. If you are in doubt then test it out. That's the best way to confirm compatibility and internet speeds. In Canada, upgrading your speed usually only costs a few extra bucks a month.

A Better All Around Experience At Online Casinos

Real dealer blackjack isn't just more fun. It's also trustworthy. Although top rated casinos are audited to ensure legitimacy, nothing compares to the vigorous shuffles of a real card deck. Live dealer blackjack embraces technology to transmit exciting games into your home rather than rely on fancy random number generation algorithms. Sometimes the experience just speaks for itself. There's just something raw and authentic when real cards are flying across the screen. Don't you want the authenticity of online casino live dealer blackjack?  Canada’s best gambling sites deliver.

Just some of the live dealer blackjack casino advantages are:

  • Your choice of live human dealers.
  • A more immersive than a computer simulation.
  • It’s easier to employ traditional casino strategies.
  • You can chat with dealers at Canadian online casinos.
  • There’s no reliance on random number generation.
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