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Online Casino Legislation

Unless you are a lawyer, you probably don't have the time or patience to keep up with gambling legislation. Gambling has obviously become more widespread over the past couple of decades, both online and offline. That's regardless of its legal status, which remains a matter of debate. When you consider how quickly online trends move, and multitudes of legal jurisdictions, things get even more confusing.

The first thing to consider is that Canada is an independent nation that isn't part of the USA. Any Canadian can tell you that, but sometimes it gets lost in the legality of online gambling.

Distinctly Canada

In Canada, gambling is a provincial matter. That's why seven of the ten provinces currently run their own casinos yet they welcome tourists over the age of majority through their doors too.

Most of the controversy around online gambling has to do with rules that are chiefly American. Canadians who get their news from CNN may find themselves confused. If you've ever been to a football game or watched any of the sport channels, you've probably seen ads for casinos, sport wagering sites, and online poker. Sometimes these advertisements don't really tell you much at all, as they attempt to skirt the laws or utilize legal grey area. It's as if nobody really knows what they are. Erring on the side of cautions seems to be the best defense.

Making A Mark Legally

If this all seems confusing and you feeling like asking your lawyer what to do about the big jackpot you've won, we can see why. Just keep in mind that besides casinos in Montreal, Vancouver, Halifax, Niagara Falls, several provinces are getting into the online casino business. That's always an option, but critics have argued that the game selection and payout rates are poor when compared to other global options.

Although the house always has the upper hand, brick and mortar casinos in Canada often seem like they have more hands working against you. This isn't just anecdotal evidence. Think about what kind of perks you can find in Vegas, like free flights, alcoholic beverages, hotel rooms, and shows. It takes money to make money and they know this in Nevada, better than anywhere else. Giving out free intoxicating beverages to keep you at the tables is frowned upon in many provinces..

Speaking Of Reservations

Perhaps the most interesting part about the legal situation in Canada is that many of the world's top casinos, sports betting sites, and poker rooms are based out of Quebec. You may have heard about the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, which is a self-governing body that operates out of a First Nations reservation. The commission regulates global casinos and even hosts the physical servers that run the action.

A Geographical Question

You should be able to see how any legislation addressing gaming can be confusing even to legal scholars. Where does Canada’s jurisdiction begin and end when you play online? Whose laws apply when a Canadian gambles on a server in Costa Rica? What about a poker game between a Canadian and an Australian hosted in Quebec? Does all legislation apply to everyone? If a man in Vancouver remotely puts a dollar into a slot machine in England and wins does that victory actually take place in Canada? You can see why legislation can be complicated and might be better suited for a philosophy course.

The Final Word

Whatever happens, you can be sure that it will be interesting. If you are still sceptical after consulting with legal experts then you can easily play for free. There's nothing complicated about free play. Who need complications when looking for entertainment?

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