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Find An Online Casino Live Dealer: Canada's Guide

The web of the past is entirely unrecognizable compared to the online experience of 2022. Today's social networks offer almost real life interactions and make primitive, text-only, websites from the 90s look laughable. When you add in free worldwide video chatting and take the show on the road with your smartphone, it really makes you wonder what the point of the Internet was before? Who cares about boring text based chats sent over a dial up connection when you could be playing online casino live dealer games. There's plenty at leading Canadian online casinos.

Online casino live dealer games really are the future but your can take advantage of them today. They meld the human element of brick and mortar casinos with the ability to play in your underwear. Start experiencing the most genuine Canadian online casino experience available. We've found the greatest casinos for Canadians that feature live dealer games.

Top Live Dealer in Canada

How Live Dealer Online Casinos Work

Modern online casino live dealer games are exactly what you might expect. Rather than receive computer-generated images of what you hope are random cards, live dealer games stream real video on the fly. You'll see live human dealers shuffle the deck and present you with real cards. It's all streamed live onto your device in real time. When you ask the real dealer to hit you, she will. You'll see real cards dealt in your direction.

Getting Started

Once you've created an account at a highly rated Canadian online casino, you'll be able to access online casino live dealer tables using the same credentials. It's as easy as logging in and selecting your desired real dealer games from the lobby. Start playing and enjoying the show.

Casino Online: Privacy And Authenticity

Don't put your pants on yet. Live dealer games do feature webcams, but the action only goes one way. The dealer and other players can't see you or what you aren't wearing. You don't even need a webcam and you definitely don't need to turn it on if you have one.

If the name of the game is realism, you can count on an online casino live dealer. Canada gaming fans no longer have to leave home in the name of Canadian online casino authenticity. Plus there’s more than just one online casino live dealer. Canada’s casino fans know you get to choose who is in charge, no matter what game you play.

Technical Requirements

Live dealer games at Canadian online casinos work best on Macs and PCs with iPhone, iPad, and Android support available on some sites. As the technology becomes mainstream, you can expect real dealer games to be the norm and offered on all platforms.

In order to take advantage of casino live dealer games, you'll need to make sure you have a high speed internet connection. Those budget packages might not cut it when trying to play online casino real dealer games. Also, if you are using a mobile connection, you'll need 4G or LTE service for maximum stability.

A Matter Of Internet Casino Trust

All our top-rated recommended Canadian online casinos use verified and audited random number generation. Still, there will always be sceptical players who doubt the fairness of the game at a real money casino online. This is much more common when a player loses. Relying on a live dealer solves this issue since you can keep track of the real cards rather than just digital approximations.

Casino Live Dealer Advantages

With live dealer games, you’ll enjoy:

  • Greater authenticity and legitimacy
  • More fun and interactive
  • Ability to chat on some sites
  • Easier to count cards and use other advanced strategies
  • Lets you beam a genuine casino experience into your home

You can find a casino live dealer at a variety of games. Enjoy that added human element when you play blackjack, Texas hold'em poker, roulette, baccarat, and a whole lot more. Take a look at these recommended Canadian online casino sites and start experiencing more realistic real money casino excitement.

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