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Playing At An Online Casino: Mac Canada Guide

It's hard to believe that Apple nearly went bankrupt in the 90s. Can you believe those same computing pioneers would end up on life support? Apple had a great run before it almost tanked. It was Steve Jobs who resurrected and transformed it into the world's most valuable company. And now these days, Macs are everywhere, despite their premium price. They are the kings of stability though, which is great for work and play. This is especially true if you enjoy some online casino Mac action.

The days of Mac users being shut out of the Canadian online casino scene are long gone. Apple users no longer have to limit themselves to inferior Canadian online casinos or settle for bad software. We've fired up our iMacs and tested dozens of online casino Mac sites in every conceivable way. Check out our expert review and start playing at the best Mac internet casinos for Canadians.

Top Mac Casinos in Canada

Get Technical At An Online Casino: Mac Canada Compatibility

When playing at an online casino, Macs are a great way to do it. In general online casino Mac sites are compatible with most Apple computers running OS X. That pretty much covers every Macbook Pro, iMac, MacBook Air, and Mac Pro released in the past five years. If you own older hardware, you still might be able to get in the gambling game, but we can't guarantee it without knowing your exact specs. One sure fire way to know is by logging on and testing the gaming performance at a Canadian online casino. Of course you'll need internet access, which is probably the most essential system requirement.

Downloading Or Not

While many online casinos offer a Mac version of their software, most users go for the no download-required option. That means most Mac casino fans experience genuine casino action right in their favourite browser. There's nothing to install and you can jump into some amazing Canadian online casino games immediately.

When you play online casinos in your browser, the software will always be up to date. You also don't have to worry about poorly programmed applications messing up your system. If you share your computer, the no download option will let you conceal your fun from your spouse and other prying eyes that don't appreciate casino Mac action.

iOS Versus OS X

If you do decide to download software, don't let the Apple logo confuse you. Some of the software that's out there is for iOS, which is the operating system that powers your iPad and iPhone. Macs use a different operating system called OS X. Look for the word Mac instead of Apple and you'll know for sure.

You may notice that there aren't too many real money Canadian online casino apps in the App Store. You'll need to play in your browser or download software from the individual online casino site. Rely on our recommendations and you can be sure the software is safe and free from spyware.

Maximizing Options At An Online Casino: Mac Canada Emulators

There aren't too many decent casinos out there for Canadians that are PC only. If you do happen to find one that calls your name, you can always install Windows on a Mac. Don't worry about ditching OS X. You can boot into it separately or Windows within a Mac window. The truth is, when you enjoy action at an online casino, Mac players based in Canada have seemingly unlimited ways to get in the game.

We've tested over a hundred online casinos and found the best sites that work seamlessly right on your Mac computer. We discovered the greatest sites with the biggest bonus and top game play. The best part is that they're fully Mac compatible and Canadian friendly. Plus if you plan on enjoying action at an online casino, Macs offer stability and security too.

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